First and foremost, many people misinterpret yoga to be just a physical exercise to attain flexibility. This is wrong.  Yoga is a way of life. The word has Sanskrit origins which in itself means union. The ultimate aim of yoga is to instil stability between mind, body and soul to envision enlightenment. Yoga is an art form that propagates union of an individual with the omnipresent or divine.

In order to achieve this extraordinary feat yoga introduces breathing exercises, meditation, physical exercises, and so on so forth. Yoga is an ancient science of spirituality that brings harmony in an individual to remain unwavered by emotional outrages. Only a strong mind can withstand such temptations.

If you often face the dilemma of choice in everyday life, then Yoga is for you. Yoga aims to liberate the mind to a higher understanding and a more heightened consciousness that would help you make the right choice when you feel conflicted. The modern day life is abundantly loaded with insinuations and forcefully introduced chaos that obscures vision. Yoga enables your vision. Yoga is for those who are torn between attachment, action,justice, past, prejudice, friends and foes. To enable your mind yoga makes use of  ‘yamas’, ‘niyamas’, and ‘asanas’.

After researching the practices of Yoga UNESCO termed yoga as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. Yoga provides with harmless solutions to problems arising due to utterly hectic lifestyles.