Understanding the quality of great yoga teacher – By Yogacharya Sachin Om.


One of the main reasons people will continue to come Yoga class is because their teacher has taken the time to connect with them and make them feel welcome . A good yoga teacher is gracious and caring . Allow time before and after yoga class to greet your students .Treat your students with care and respect .
Before yoga class begins, try to introduce yourself to any newcomers. Ask their names, find out their previous experience of yoga and check whether they have and injuries. Give them a brief orientation – let them know where the changing room , props and toilets are and anything else they may be need to know .Above all make them feel welcome and comfortable.


Knowing your stuff is prime importance. You should be competent and confident in your knowledge and continue to study so you always have new information to share with your students. If the sequencing is good , the students will feel good after yoga class.
Remember be offer modifications or options for each pose. Never use this language like “beginners do this and advanced students do this ….” .
Its good to be poetic, Shavasana is a great time to bring in some yoga philosophy and of course allow at least five minutes of complete silence too.


Make sure you speak loudly but not too loudly, slowly and clearly. Keep positive energy in your voice.


Make your instructions as simple and precious as possible. Speak in commands and cue each command with the breath. Avoid saying “Now you are going to do this and then you want to do this…” Instead say, “ Inhale do this … exhale do that.” Always name the pose and name it early, So students will know the pose will know where they are going. Preferably name the course in Sanskrit followed by the english. Instruct the alignment of the feet first and then the hips and torso and finally the position of the arms. If holding a pose for a few breath , give at least three alignment directions.
Give physical assist with sensitivity, Make sure your assist are long and juicy. Remember to assist the same student both side of the same pose. Do not over assist new students.


When teaching be 100 % present and focused. It is very important you are able to help students, modify postures, to suit their needs and to guide students in injury prevention.
However never talk about your own injury, limitations or difficulty. There is no need to bring your own problems to your teaching.

If you make a mistake , recover graciously. Do not comment on your own performance.

Never neglect your own practice, go to the classes and workshops and continue to learn from other teachers. It is the quality of your own practice that will inform your teaching and keep it fresh.