What makes Shiva Tattva Yoga’s teacher training different in Rishikesh

Let me introduce myself; I am Sachin Om from Shiva Tattva Yoga Rishikesh. One day a yoga teacher friend of mine said in joking frustration, “No more Yoga Teacher need in this world now.” He said this knowing that in my center, there is another yoga teacher training (YTT) who was graduating another class of 40+ yoga teachers. These teachers would possibly contest with local yoga teaching jobs.

I thought around this a while considering leading a YTT at Shiva Tattva Yoga. The truth is, there ARE many YTTs in the world. Nearby our studio, there are a lot of YTTs within a 5-mile radius. Do we need another?

I decided to host a YTT at our studio because I think we have somewhat unique to offer. I’m sure that other Yoga Schools in the Rishikesh area feel the same about their programs. The truth is, all Yoga Teacher Training course has similar things. Yoga philosophy is one part of the path that has been written in books and studied for centuries. But yoga philosophy considered in each yoga studios is varied from lead teacher’s voice and speaking style.

I expect that more yogis teaching yoga mean more independent voices in the yoga world. Hopefully, this brings yoga to a furthermore various group of students.

As every Yoga Teacher Training has its voice in the greater yoga community, here are five main points that make ours unique:

Tiered Pricing Structure

Convenience is at the forefront of Shiva Tattva Yoga’s mission. I accept as the actual cost is one of the most significant factors to yoga’s inaccessibility. Many individuals do not have $4,000+ for Yoga Teacher Training. It’s not that they don’t need it bad enough. They Don’t. Have it. A student just told me that in her culture, yoga teacher training in India and Yoga Retreats in India are a luxury that only foreign people spend their money on. This is not ok.

As a brick & grout, we have expenditures. We want to make money to retain our doors open. AND I trust we can do this with a compared pricing structure for our YTT. Here’s how we manage:

There are three packages with access to the same YTT and properties. There is a limited student allow in each package because we are only taking 20 students. When you apply for our course, you will able to choose the package as per your budget. Again, each package has access to the same resources.

Emphasis on Karma Yoga

If you are joined in our Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, especially at one of the lower packages, we want to recognize in what way you will pat it. What will you do with your teacher training? Who are you going to help? We also want to know that you are interested in sharing and spreading yoga practice on Instagram.

Guest Yoga Teachers

One thing my other yoga teacher taught me is to defer to others’ immensity continually. Mostly all Yoga teachers are different areas of expertise. As the lead teacher in the class, my way is the “right,” and I think to add some difference from another yoga teacher. I want our students to be acquainted with an organized overabundance of yoga teaching techniques to track the paths that sense nearby to their hearts. This training will feature several guest teachers who will teach physical & subtle anatomy, restorative yoga, and yoga philosophy.

Importance on Creating Your Yoga Class

If you are practicing YTT, you possibly love many yoga postures. Whether you love handstand or the more relaxing ones, your past yoga experiences have perhaps been on your mind. Our YTT embraces significant stress on yoga class creation. We suggest all students attain 100% in class as it is intensive TTC. We want you to develop your unique voice in a yoga teacher.

Life Coaching

In addition to a Yoga Alliance certified teacher, I’m also a certified life coach. Most of my training has been with Yogini Medha Aswal, who’s leadership programs are entrenched in yoga philosophy. All students who join in our Yoga Teacher Training will experience this life coaching session weekly once.

You are welcome to join our Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh to develop your yoga practice to the next level.

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