How a Daily Meditation Practice Helps You Find Trust

Meditation is a useful practice that has been around for centuries. People who meditate regularly find that there are short-term and long-term benefits. For example, soon after they start sitting, meditators begin to enjoy a decrease in stress and anxiety, improved well-being, and, in many cases, better sleep, and overall health. In the long-term practice, many meditators are able to understand how the mind works in time and how to work and maintain their thoughts.

After meditating with my first meditation teacher, Yogi Sachin Om, for some time, I decided to do a weeklong Yoga and meditation retreat in Rishikesh at Shiva Tattva Yoga School, leading by Yogi Sachin Omm. “I feel good about a teacher named Yogi Mandeep Bhatt Ji at Shiva Tattva Yoga school. Maybe that would be a perfect place for you to go.”

I reach there in the late afternoon, and the retreat was previously scheduled to start in the early evening. After we had our dinner, our teacher told us to go into the studio for the first meditation session. It was a very formal place, a long room and enough space for every student. We do meditation around 45 min there. I sat down on a cushion with all my delighted expectation about this experience as the studio alarm was struck three times to begin the period of meditation.

One of the most exciting things that impressed me during the retreat was that Yogi Sachin Om — the teacher — gave a talk each day, and that talk was about yoga philosophy. I got to sit back and listen and be entertained. By the way, the time has gone, and my retreat was over. Then suddenly, I planned to do a 200hr Yoga Teacher training at the same school. It was 28 days long. I have enjoyed a lot and learned many things in the class. On the last day, I also get a certificate from the school.

Since then, I have created and attended hundreds of retreats, but I still look back on that first one with Sachin Om where I tale training, as both the absolute worst and absolute best in my life.

Meditation Helps You Feel Your Inner Feelings

As we go through life, we ultimately have sufficient experience to see that occasionally thoughtful difficulty can also be intensely heart-opening. When you feel challenged, when you at your edge and feel like when you are facing something hard, it is a gift to have the willingness to stop and not to look for the quick, to sit with those moments, easy resolution for that feeling. It is a kind of love to be able and ready to open yourself completely to the experience of insecurity, of difficulty.

One of the pleasant effects on meditation is that when we sit with these minutes as they arise, we jump to belief in them and in the dark grace. We understand that it is insensitivity misplaced that our actual wildlife discoveries itself. In meditation, we encounter ourselves, and it provokes real honesty if we are ready for it. You can read around things forever, you can listen to talks forever, and you can undertake that you assume or that you have got it, but if you can be with yourself in a silent way without running away, that is the essential morality. When we can do nothing and be extremely happy, and in harmony with that, we have found calmness within ourselves.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher, one of the main things I see, there is a disappointment of people to trust their lives, problems, and sometimes even in their successes. It is a significant failure to believe that their life is its own teacher and that they can feel it if they can sit still and listen and that within the right way, their human experience is revealing itself lies the highest wisdom. If they can immerse themselves, their owned nobody-ness, and allow the problem to remove them of their somebody-ness, then others can do away with the masks of their persona. A great spiritually speaking, this is what we want: to raise the masks. Sometimes we take them off willingly, sometimes they fall away, and sometimes they are torn off.

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